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VIDEO: Met Police use tactical ‘ramming’ to catch moped criminals

New Skorpion drivers are given powers to implement tactical ramming techniques in a bid to tackle moped crime.  Police previously faced prosecution Earlier this, London Metropolitan Police said:...

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How to overcome motorbiking anxiety

Do you get anxious when riding a motorcycle? In this video, I'll share four tips for overcoming motorbiking anxiety. These tips have helped me...

My motorcycle journey: getting my licence

My biker chick motorcycle journey: Starting with my bike CBT (compulsory basic training), through to my Direct Access Course (DAS), passing my motorcycle test...



Insta 360 X3 Motorcycle Kit Unboxing

Hey Sprocketeers, welcome back to the blog, my name is Saffy Sprocket, and today we’ll be taking a quick look at the new Insta360...

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Motorcycle Touring Guide for Beginners

What is motorcycle touring? Motorcycle touring is a form of tourism that involves using a motorcycle. It has been an exciting topic since at least...


Swedish teens drive luxury cars with no licence

Even though they're too young to receive a driver's license at 15, Swedish teens are already zooming around in stylish cars - with some...

Get the thrill without breaking the bank! Honda’s CL500 scrambler is coming to town

Honda has announced the exciting news that their widely anticipated A2-compliant CL500 motorbike will be affordable at £5999 starting in April 2023! With its...

Petrol prices dip below £1.50 per litre… but will they stay down?

The average fuel cost in the UK has recently dropped to its lowest rate in almost a year – below £1.50! In 2022, prices...

Motorcycle events still set to be cancelled by COVID-19 in 2023

The consequences of COVID-19 still linger, with motorcycle events set for 2023 being cancelled in Germany. After the introduction of COVID-19 in the UK, life is returning...

Biofuels could be a biker’s best friend

Get ready to wave goodbye to filling your motorcycle up with petrol, as laws worldwide are set in motion for a ban by 2035-2040. This...


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a dedicated motorcyclist, having the perfect garage setup is an essential part of the biking lifestyle. Not only...