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How to become a motovlogger

No motorcycle fanatic will ever be able to ride each and every model, take on each circuit, or travel through each breathtakingly beautiful region....

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Who is the biggest motorcycle Youtuber?

Anyone who has ever tried riding a motorbike can attest to its addictive nature. It's like you blink and the next thing you know,...

Can-Am released electric motorcycle range for 2024

After nearly 40 years of absence, the renowned Canadian powerhouse Bombardier Recreational Products is coming back to the motorcycle industry in 2024 with a...



Is Dunlop a good motorcycle tyre?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect set of tyres for your motorcycle, you may have noticed that one brand keeps popping up again...

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The Devil’s Staircase: A Motorcyclist’s Dream Road Trip

It’s Biker Guide Time, Let’s go! Welcome back Sprocketeers, to another episode of this week's biker guide. Today we’re going to be looking at a...


Bikers rejoice at low fuel costs – but for how long?

Petrol prices dip below £1.50 per litre… but will they stay down? Recently, the average cost of fuel in the UK has dropped to its...

Harley-Davidson is ready to commemorate their 120th milestone birthday

Harley-Davidson, the renowned American manufacturer, is ready to honour its treasured heritage with a series of remarkable festivities, known as HD 120 Budapest. Jochen...

Motorcycle events still set to be cancelled by COVID-19 in 2023

The consequences of COVID-19 still linger, with motorcycle events set for 2023 being cancelled in Germany. After the initial introduction of COVID-19 in the UK,...

Biofuels could be a biker’s best friend

Get ready to wave goodbye to filling your motorcycle up with petrol, as laws around the world are set in motion for a ban...

Concerns for rider safety as self-driving vehicles trials are in discussion

UK plans to start real-world testing of autonomous self-driving vehicles as soon as next year has caused understandable apprehension, raising concerns that they could...


A lot of people are intimidated by the thought of solo motorcycle touring. Why wouldn't they be? It seems like a pretty daunting task...