Motorcycle events

Bikers rejoice at low fuel costs – but for how long?

Petrol prices dip below £1.50 per litre… but will they stay down? Recently, the average cost of fuel in the UK has dropped to its...

Harley-Davidson is ready to commemorate their 120th milestone birthday

Harley-Davidson, the renowned American manufacturer, is ready to honour its treasured heritage with a series of remarkable festivities, known as HD 120 Budapest. Jochen...

Motorcycle events still set to be cancelled by COVID-19 in 2023

The consequences of COVID-19 still linger, with motorcycle events set for 2023 being cancelled in Germany. After the initial introduction of COVID-19 in the UK,...

Biofuels could be a biker’s best friend

Get ready to wave goodbye to filling your motorcycle up with petrol, as laws around the world are set in motion for a ban...

Concerns for rider safety as self-driving vehicles trials are in discussion

UK plans to start real-world testing of autonomous self-driving vehicles as soon as next year has caused understandable apprehension, raising concerns that they could...

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