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What is the best tent for motorcycle camping?

The LoneRider tent is downright spacious and offers more than enough room for one person with plenty of room left over for your gear, clothes, or anything else you need from inside the tent. I’ve been using this tent exclusively for all my motorbike weekend breaks so far, and it has stood up to a whole variety of elements, from harsh Scottish Rain to scorching Scarborough sunshine.

How big is the LoneRider tent?

This tent accommodates two average-sized persons. Even if you are very tall or have a wider than an average partner, this tent will still provide more than enough room. It’s both wider and longer than your average tent. The MotoTent from LoneRider is designed to shelter one or two riders, their gear, and one adventure motorcycle with panniers. The size of the tent, once erected is 4.15m (13’8″) x 2.4m (7’11”). The sleeping compartment measures 1.4m (4’8″) by 2m (6’7″). In the centre, the cabin has a right of 2m (6’7″).

Being a 5’7 female and a solo traveller, I found the space within the tent extremely generous. Not only did I have a room for my motorcycle, panniers, and leeway to hang up my wet gear, but I had enough space within the cabin itself to keep my belongings in separate piles. I could also leave my gadgets out charging, away from my sleeping bag a night without it roll matt whilst organizing my clothes in another section of the tent. The LoneRider tent is the best option for both solo and duo travellers alike.

LoneRider Motorcycle MotoTent Review
Riding my bike in North Yorkshire with the LoneRider MotoTent attached on the passenger seat

What kind of storage does the LoneRider tent have?

The LoneRider has many additional gear pockets located within the tent. These are perfect for keeping your gadgets, clothes, and washing items off the ground and away from the rest of your belongings. I personally like to store items that I use frequently such as my wash bag. During the night, I also use it for storing thin gadgets such as my phone and battery charger.

In the garage section of the tent, there is also ample storage for all your bags. Now you can leave your panniers connected to your motorcycle and simply ride into the tent. However, as I have a very small SV650, I had enough space to remove all the luggage off my motorcycle and store it down the side of the tent.

How much does the LoneRider tent weigh?

As I’m travelling by motorcycle, lightweight gear is an absolute necessity. The LoneRider Tent weighs about 12 pounds (or 5.44 kg) and can easily fit into any backpack without taking up much room.

ight gear is an absolute necessity. The LoneRider Tent has a weight of about 12 pounds (or 5.44 kg) and can easily fit into any backpack without taking up much room.

Is the LoneRider tent easy to transport?

Yes, the LoneRider tent is very easy to transport. While I have not been on a long trip with this tent just yet, it is easy for me to connect this tent to my passenger seat when travelling. To do this, I use the Andy Strapz Smart Strapz from NippyNormans. These will set you back £40. However, I’ve found them remarkable for their ease of use and durability.

The tent itself comes in an easy-to-carry waterproof bag. It’s no hassle to grab it by the handle and throw it over your shoulder without any hassle whatsoever.

What comes with the LoneRider tent?

The tent came with all necessary equipment, including guy ropes, pegs, and an additional ground mat. It also comes with a small repair kit in case of emergencies. In addition, several waterproof bags help to separate all the different parts of the tent.

The LoneRider tent is a premium product. The outside of the tent is water-resistant, and it has a high-quality rain fly that will protect you from any bad weather conditions. There are also screens on both sides of the tent to keep out bugs and mosquitoes in warmer climates while still allowing airflow. Inside, pockets everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting lost (or stolen). They even included hooks for hanging lanterns or lights!

LoneRider Motorcycle MotoTent Review
LoneRider Motorcycle MotoTent loaded up on my SV650 to Scotland

Is the LoneRider tent easy to set up?

The LoneRider tent is one of the faster tents I’ve ever had to set up. It only took me a few minutes before it was entirely ready for use, and this included stakes and all equipment in place. Also, all guy ropes come connected to the tent, which leads to a shorter setup time. In addition to this, the inside of the tent also comes ready to go.

All you need to do is roll up to your destination, unroll the tent from your bag, insert three horizontal poles. Once you begin to insert the tent pegs into the ground, you will instantly see the tent ‘pop up’. The entire setup time took me no longer than 10 minutes in total.

How does the LoneRider tent feel?

The LoneRider tent is a complete joy to sleep in. It’s wholly spacious and offers more than enough room for one person with plenty of space left over for your gear, clothes, or anything else you might want to keep inside with you. In addition, the fabric feels exceptionally high quality, so you don’t need to worry about any potential leaks.

The pole construction is solid. You can bend and twist them in any direction, but they will still pop back into place. So you don’t need to worry about any potential breaks.

SaffySprocket - Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Camping
My first trip with the LoneRider Motorcycle Tent


The LoneRider MotoTent is a complete joy to own. I was blown away by how amazing this tent is. It offers a lot more space than I expected, and the quality feels great – it doesn’t feel like something I would need to replace any time soon.

Camping was never something I did often, and I was highly new to motorcycle touring when I bought the LoneRider MotoTent. So to have something where the setup was also straightforward, even when you’re not an expert camper or outdoorsman (or woman like me), makes all the difference to your confidence. Overall, I’m thrilled that I got this tent, and I can foresee myself getting a great deal of use out of it over the next few years.

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