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Royal Enfield Releases 450 Himalayan Prices

At Motoverse 2023, Royal Enfield’s most significant motorcycling festival, the company unveiled its pricing for the all-new 450 Himalayan, an adventure tourer designed to handle any road – or lack thereof. After its global debut at EICMA 2023, the 450 Himalayan is set to hit European markets in March 2024, with a starting price of £5,750 in the UK and 5,900 Euros in key European countries, including Italy, France, Spain, and Germany.

The Himalayan range comprises three distinct variants – Base, Pass, and Summit, each available in a palette of five colour options inspired by the elements of the Himalayas. The Base model comes in Kaza Brown, the Pass variant offers Poppy Blue & Himalayan Salt, and the Summit variant sports Hanle Black & Kamet White.

New 450 Himalayan Prices

Variant Colourways UK Italy France Spain Germany
Base Kaza Brown £5,750 €5,900.00 €5,900.00 €5,900.00 €5,900.00
Pass Slate Himalayan Salt £5,850 €6,000.00 €6,000.00 €6,000.00 €6,000.00
Slate Himalayan Poppy Blue £5,850 €6,000.00 €6,000.00 €6,000.00 €6,000.00
Summit Hanle Black £6,050 €6,200.00 €6,200.00 €6,200.00 €6,200.00
Kamet White (Tubeless) £6,250 €6,450.00 €6,450.00 €6,450.00 €6,450.00
Hanle Black (Tubeless option) £6,300 €6,500.00 €6,500.00 €6,500.00 €6,500.00


CEO of Royal Enfield shared his excitement

B Govindarajan, CEO of Royal Enfield, shared his excitement at the motorcycle’s launch.  “Embarking on the creation of the new Himalayan, we immersed ourselves in the riding experiences of our community, engaging with globetrotters, explorers, and athletes. Informed by these insights and our own journey in the Himalayas, we retained the crucial elements of its DNA and worked on the areas for evolution in the new and evolved Himalayan which is absolutely purpose-built for the Himalayas. The results are fantastic and we can see that with the immense love shown by consumers and experts from across the world. The new Himalayan represents an evolution, thoughtfully shaped by genuine rider needs, making it a true global motorcycle poised to set new standards in the adventure touring category worldwide.”

The revamped Himalayan embodies harmony between man, machine, and terrain. It’s designed to blend seamlessly with the landscape, offering an ideal balance of capability and usability. Whether for seasoned adventurers or off-road novices, the bike adapts effortlessly to various terrains.

A whole new 450cc engine

Under the hood, the new 450 Himalayan boasts Royal Enfield’s first liquid-cooled engine. This 452cc Sherpa engine delivers more power and torque for impressive low-rpm performance. A new six-speed gearbox and a ride-by-wire feature ensure optimum power and torque delivery for challenging terrains. Further enhancing the adventure riding experience, the Himalayan also features the new TripperDash and over 30 new Genuine Motorcycle Accessories.

Designed to excel on twisty mountain roads and challenging off-road trails, the new 450 Himalayan gives riders the power to conquer peaks and the versatility to navigate diverse landscapes. This is set to bring a significant paradigm shift in the adventure touring space and elevate the aspirations of the global motorcycle community.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, has been crafting beautiful motorcycles since 1901. With British roots and a manufacturing plant established in Madras in 1955, Royal Enfield has led the growth of India’s mid-sized two-wheeler segment. Royal Enfields are engaging, uncomplicated, and fun to ride, a vehicle for exploration and self-expression. The brand embodies what it calls Pure Motorcycling.

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