Motorcycle Legal News

Gear up for the latest updates on driving laws 2024

Get ready to rev up your engines and dive into the latest updates shaking up the automotive world! There's plenty of buzz on the...

Concerns for rider safety as self-driving vehicles trials are in discussion

UK plans to start real-world testing of autonomous self-driving vehicles as soon as next year has caused understandable apprehension, raising concerns that they could...

Back protectors are now required by the 2022 UK Track day rule change

If you plan on attending a motorcycle track day in the United Kingdom this year, you'll need a CE-approved back protector or airbag suit. Back...

New 40mph limit on Horseshoe Pass is approved

Graham Timms, a Llangollen county councillor, says he and his colleagues are "delighted" that Denbighshire County Council has given the go-ahead for a contentious...

MCE Insurance policies cancelled – an update

All 105,000 policyholders of MCE Motorbike Insurance will lose their coverage - what it means for you. MCE Insurance Company, which was one of the...

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