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Motorbiking around Lake Konstanz

Spend the day in Konstanz

This city of Konstanz is located within the gorgeous Baden-Württemberg region, alongside the stunning Lake Constance (known natively as Bodensee). Konstanz is a vibrant city. I would know, I used to live there! The city naturally got its name from the lake bordering three countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

One of the fantastic things about Konstanz is that you can visit three countries in a single day on your motorcycle! You can wake up in the morning in your tent, have a fantastic cup of coffee in Austria, grab a hearty lunch at a traditional German bakery and finish with hot chocolate and supper in Switzerland, ready to hit some of those vast mountain ranges, or even the Black Forest B500 the day after!

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Imperia Statue

When you visit Konstanz, one of the first things you will see is the vast 30 ft. statue called Imperia. When I studied abroad, I often ate my lunch staring at Imperia as time ticked by. Weirdly enough, the status sits on a rotating pedestal, so it’s easy to get lost in thought. I still have the magnet of this statute stuck to my fridge, even eight years on.


Old Rhine Bridge

You will ride over the Old Rhine Bridge as you enter or leave Konstanz. The Old Rhine Bridge in Konstanz stands tall over the Seerhein, carrying both a train track and the bustling Konzilstraße – a vital lifeline connecting Petershausen to the city centre. In particular, it is home to kilometre 413.5 of the High Rhine Railway line, facilitating travel throughout this beautiful region. As a historical landmark, 19th-century track markers were positioned along the Rhine that commences at this bridge itself; they are used to measure kilometres.


Car Ferry

Motorcyclists may access Meersburg across Lake Constance with the help of car ferries, while pedestrians have a shuttle service to Friedrichshafen courtesy of the Katamaran. Further distinguishing it from its Swiss counterpart Kreuzlingen is Germany’s border that spans along the city’s southern and southwestern sides.Konstanz


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