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Norwegian Road Tolls and Motorcycles

Today, I am going to delve into a topic that’s critical for anyone planning a motorcycle trip through the scenic routes of Norway: road tolls.

Understanding the Toll System in Norway

In Norway, road tolling is commonly used to finance infrastructure projects like bridges, tunnels, and roads. The system has a long history, with major cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim introducing toll rings as far back as 1986.

The toll collection process in Norway is mostly automatic. You can learn more here by visiting VisitNorway.com. All vehicles, regardless of nationality, are required to pay these tolls. However, motorcycles are generally exempt from tolls.

For foreign vehicles like cars, there are specific payment options available, which include registering your vehicle to be charged the correct toll rate.

Laerdal Tunnel, Norway. Road On Illuminated Tunnel In Norwegian

How Tolls Vary Among Different Vehicles

Toll rates in Norway for cars can vary depending on the type of vehicle you’re driving. For instance, there’s a toll calculator that calculates the toll cost for your vehicle.

The vast majority of the time, motorcycles are exempt from road charges. However, you will still be required to pay a charge when using items such as ferries.

Motorbiking through Norway Tunnels

Personal Experiences and Practical Tips

From my experience riding through Norway, I can tell you that the toll system is quite efficient. The automatic collection process means you can focus on the road (and the stunning landscapes!) instead of worrying about finding change for a toll booth.

L├ątefoss Waterfall

Installing FerryPay.no

When I visited Norway, I downloaded and installed the FerryPay app. This is a government-approved AutoPASS app. You can add your credit or debit card information to your account.

This allows the attendant to scan and charge you directly when riding your bike onto a ferry. It saves you a lot of time fumbling for change or paying contactless. Most ferries charge a few hundred NOK and are relatively cheap for bikers.

  1. Register your vehicle on FerryPay: If your motorcycle is foreign-registered, register it before you start your trip.
  2. Plan your route: Use a toll calculator to estimate your tolls and fuel costs beforehand.
  3. Stay updated: Laws and regulations can change, so keep an eye on the latest updates regarding road tolls in Norway.

In conclusion, while road tolls in Norway apply to all vehicles. However, most of the time, motorcycles are exempt. When you do need to pay, the system is straightforward and efficient.

So gear up, plan your route, and prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty of Norway!

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