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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Motorcycle License?

Have you ever wondered how much it really costs to get your motorcycle licence? Getting a motorcycle licence can be an expensive endeavour, but you can save money by taking advantage of the various discounts offered by different motorcycle schools. Well here is a great blog post which will break down some of the cost and show you what’s included.

How much does my motorcycle licence application cost?

Type of Licence Apply Online Apply by Post
First Provisional £34 £43
Upgrade to Full N/A Free
Renew Expired £14 £17

How much does a motorcycle CBT cost?

A CBT is a compulsory basic training course that teaches participants the skills and knowledge required to ride safely on UK roads. A certificate of completion is awarded once all essential elements have been covered, which include: understanding road signs and symbols; how to give way at junctions and roundabouts; riding with an awareness of other traffic, including pedestrians,

Doing your CBT is the first step into achieving your motorcycle licence. The cost of your CBT (compulsory basic training) will be between £100 and £150, depending on where you live in the country.

How much does a motorcycle theory test cost?

A motorcycle theory test is a computer-based examination that contains questions about the Highway Code and other aspects of riding and a hazard perception test. A UK motorcycle theory test is required for those who have completed their CBT and want to progress on to either their restricted or unrestricted licence (DAS). The cost of a motorcycle theory is currently £23 in the UK.

Theory test £23.00 (Same on Saturdays and weekday evenings)
Practical test – Module 1 £15.50 (Same on Saturdays and weekday evenings)
Practical test – Module 2 £75.00 (£88.50 on Saturdays and weekday evenings)

How much does motorcycle training cost?

The cost of motorcycle training can vary from school to school, but for the most part, it will cost between £600 and £900 depending on your location and the riding school. During your motorcycle training, you will learn to ride safely and confidently on the road. The number of hours your training will take will again vary dramatically on your experience and the school. The average is 12-hours and will encompass various aspects of riding such as:

  • Slow speed manoeuvres
  • Manoeuvres such as turning left or right
  • Emergency stops
  • Emergency swerves
  • Parking
  • Stopping at junction
  • Roundabouts
  • Slow speed control
  • Road skills, and
  • Hazard perception drills.

How much does a motorcycle mod-1 cost?

The cost of your motorcycle module 1 practical test is £15.50. This is the same price on Saturdays and weekday evenings. If you failed module one, you need to wait three working days before you can rebook. You can not progress onto module two until you have completed module one, and so if this is the case, you may need to rebook your module two.

How much does a motorcycle mod-2 cost?

The cost of your motorcycle module two practical test is £75.00 and £88.50 on Saturdays and weekend evenings.

How much does it cost to get a motorcycle in the UK

Are there any other costs to getting a motorcycle licence?

The cost of motorcycle gear

Most bike schools will supply motorcycle gear for you to wear. However, it is worth checking before you enrol anywhere to learn. The cost of buying protective motorcycle gear can range vastly from a few hundred second-hand to £1200 new.

The cost of buying a motorcycle in the UK

The cost of buying a motorcycle can vary depending on the make and model. The price for new motorcycles is typically more than £3000, while second-hand prices start from about £1000-2000. On the high-end price spectrum, you could be looking at £15,000-25,000 for a new bike or £10,000 for a high-end second-hand motorcycle.

How much does it cost to get insurance?

Your bike must be insured before you are legally allowed to ride it on UK road. The cost of motorcycle insurance in the UK varies dramatically on a range of factors such as:

  • Your age
  • Where you reside and your area’s crime statistics
  • Your occupation
  • How old your bike is
  • The age and type of bike you are looking for
  • Whether or not your motorcycle is modified in any way.
  • Your riding experience

The cost of motorcycle tax in the UK*

Engine size (cc) Single 12-month payment Single 12-month payment by Direct Debit
Not over 150 £21 £21
151-400 £45 £45
401-600 £69 £69
Over 600 £96 £96

*2021 prices


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