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Italy is disqualified from the 2018 Red Bud MXDN

Whilst Team France still remains the overall winners at the Red Bud MXDN, every other country saw a boost to their rankings after team Italy was disqualified.

The Red Bud MXDN which took place on October 6 and 7, 2018. During the event, fuel samples from eight different motorcycles that competed had their fuel taken and tested. Whilst seven of the motorcycles passed, one, unfortunately, did not.

In a press release by MXGP, it was stated that “On this basis, the FIM Race Direction of the above-mentioned 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations has decided to impose upon Mr CERVELLIN’s team (team Italy) disqualification from the entire event, in accordance with Art. 63.05.13 of the 2018-1 Technical Rules Motocross,”

FIM took over 4 months to investigate the illegal fuel

Despite taking over 4 months for the FIM to complete, the test results finally demonstrated that Italy had gone a little too far to secure their ranking. It was discovered that the motocrosser used in the competition by Italy had a severe abnormality contained within its fuel.

What this means is that the fuel samples from 50 rider Michele Cervellin did not fit into the conformity with the required standards of unleaded fuel. Although FIM did not release more in-depth details into what was contained, as a result of the illegal fuel, the team was disqualified.

Holland and Australia saw their final places boosted

Originally, Italy had finished second overall in the competition. However, now thanks to their disqualification, every country received a new score. France remained the overall winner, Hollan now received Italy’s second-place trophy while Australia officially finished in third place.

Whilst many countries will enjoy their new ranking, having taken over 4 months to investigate, Holland and Australia were effectively deprived of their celebratory win. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say, it will deter future contestants from deviating from the rules again.

The new revised MXDN standings

1. France – 32
2. Holland – 39
3. Great Britain – 41
4. Australia – 43
5. USA – 43
6. Belgium – 47
7. Spain – 57
8. Estonia – 63
9. Germany – 70
10. Canada – 90

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