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Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs Review

Enjoy your ride/save your hearing –how to do both without foam earplugs.

I have an exhaust that could give a track rider a headache, so for that weekend trip or the big trip out on the motorway, it seems foam earplugs are a beneficial inclusion to a kit list. If not just for comfort but for the health of your hearing, why opt for Vibes earplugs over your regular foam ones?

It’s clear from the research that riding causes hearing damage– and to attest to this, there are a lot of riders out there who have been at it long term, with terrible hearing, most likely
destroyed by years of high-decibel riding.

What’s clear from the research, and what most riders aren’t aware of, is that 15 minutes plus 100 decibel sound can generate immediate and long-lasting damage. Wind noise alone can create this level of sound, and that’s without taking the exhaust into account! That’s why, for frequent riders, it’s an absolute necessity to look into ear protection and the long-term health of your hearing. Enough to worry about with the bad drivers and loose road surfaces without causing our problems!

Why Not Foam?

With this in mind – I looked into what I can do to make a long journey bearable; my ears work long-term and allow the rider to sound like a ride and not just a muffled, sweaty analogue, as you get with foam earplugs. That’s where I bumped into Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs.

Rather than mindlessly blocking out all sound and muting even the sound of an engine, traffic and the things going on around you, they are designed to pass only a selection of frequencies, which are helpful and pleasant.

So how did Vibes do?

On the first ride out, I worried that putting the Vibes in and then slapping my lid over them would jam them into my head – they are designed and provided with three different bud sizes to ensure you don’t need to worry about this. So the lid slips on, and the filters almost feel like they aren’t even there.

Setting off, I can’t hear any of that weird internal noise you get from foam plugs, like swallowing and heartbeat – I always find that so distracting, so that’s a great point, to begin with. Also, the wind noise is significantly reduced, and the engine and exhaust sounds are pronounced but not irritating.

Another problem with foam earplugs is the ache they can produce and the sweat they have throughout wearing them… you can get used to them, but they’re hardly comfortable and long term, they aren’t great for your ears. Vibes disappear, sit neatly with their clever construction, and are suitable to wear for hours. It’s possible to hear your engine moving, exhaust note and a conversation from a fellow rider, all quite clearly, due to the frequency isolation technology they incorporate.

Final thoughts.

Without a doubt, these have become an integral part of my kit – no more thought than putting on my gloves and yet as important to health in the long run.

Great value for money as the construction allows for almost indefinite usage. You will not have to buy these repeatedly, and when you add in the comfort factor, they are indispensable for the feeling of a great ride. So don’t wait; pick them up now from all significant online retailers.

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