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Unveiling the Exclusive Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Royal Enfield, a brand synonymous with custom culture, has taken the wraps off its latest creation, the Shotgun 650. This unique, custom-inspired roadster was unveiled in Goa at Motoverse 2023. While the mass-production version of this motorcycle will hit the market next year, Royal Enfield has introduced a special Shotgun 650 Motoverse Edition—limited to just 25 units.

This limited-edition variant is exclusively available for reservation to the Motoverse community until midnight on November 25th. The exclusivity of these units ensures that they are collector’s items, never to be reproduced.

The Shotgun 650 Motoverse Edition, built on Royal Enfield’s renowned 650-Twin platform, is an ode to the art of customisation. It draws inspiration from its predecessor, the SG650 Concept, and features a neo-dystopian design that signifies the limitless possibilities of Royal Enfield motorcycles as a creative canvas for bike enthusiasts.

Speaking about the launch of this new motorcycle, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors Ltd., said, “The Shotgun 650 is a drop-dead gorgeous, custom-inspired motorcycle that brings together more than a century of Royal Enfield’s pure motorcycling DNA with the renegade spirit of custom culture. The objective was to build this modular, shape-shifting machine that is almost like a mutant disguised as a motorcycle. Powered by our award-winning 650-Twin platform, and an absolute delight to ride on straights and the twisties, the Shotgun 650 is our attempt to bring niche and newer categories of motorcycles to growing enthusiasts of self-expression across the world”

Each of these 25 exclusive bikes sports a hand-painted body with a meticulously designed gradient and neon detailing, which no factory can replicate. The customization process spanned several months, making each motorcycle truly unique.

Speaking about the motorcycle‘s inspiration and design, Mark Wells, Chief of Design at Royal Enfield, said, “Designing the Shotgun 650 Motoverse Edition was an exhilarating journey for the design team into the future of Royal Enfield. After we had shown the SG650 Concept at EICMA in 2021, it gathered huge interest from international custom builders and got heads turning, so much so that we decided to build it as a production motorcycle. The Shotgun 650 Motoverse Edition is built by the same team that designed the Concept and is therefore remarkably close to the concept – much more so than is usually possible. It retains the cast aluminium nascelle, chopped fenders, angular bodywork and that confident, aggressive stance. At the heart of this motorcycle is the simplicity of its form and the pure metal composition that is testament to its inspiration – custom culture. The Shotgun 650 offers a perfect canvas for experienced builders as well as for someone who is just starting on their journey of customization.”

The Shotgun 650 Motoverse Edition is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a testament to Royal Enfield’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of customization while maintaining the benefits of its dedicated after-sales service ecosystem. This revolutionary neo-retro roadster is intended to break free from the shackles of tradition, yet it retains the brand’s core DNA.

The Shotgun 650 perfectly balances past and future, integrating handcrafted aluminium parts with modern graphics. Its modular design allows for easy transformation from a single-seater to a dual-seater or a weekend tourer, offering riders unparalleled personalization options.

The silhouette of the Shotgun 650 is tight and low-slung, ensuring optimal handling and ergonomics. Similar to the SG650 concept, its tank represents a new design direction while respecting Royal Enfield’s historical forms. The ten-spoke wheel rims with integrated ABS, the front suspension with upside-down forks an aluminium top yoke, and the twin shocks at the rear mounted on the iconic chassis loop all contribute to its distinctive look.

The Shotgun 650 features a robust 650cc engine paired with a custom exhaust system that combines modern aesthetics with the classic Royal Enfield sound. The bike comes with bespoke accessories such as bar-end mirrors and LED black indicators, and the limited-edition variant will come with an extended warranty.

The Shotgun 650 Motoverse Edition is a symbol of originality and self-expression, offering its owners exclusive membership to a unique club that owns a piece of the brand’s heritage. The mass-production version of this motorcycle will be launched globally next year, with Europe and India being the first markets.

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