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My first time wild-camping in Scotland

This week, I was ready for another adventure so I decided to go wild camping in Scotland. I had planned to do my biggest trip yet, a grand total of 1500 miles spread out across 4 days. On top of it being my longest trip, spring was finally here and I decided it was about time to ditch the hotels and bring my MotoTent out of hibernation. However, I didn’t just want to camp, I wanted to Wild Camp in Scotland. The original plan was to travel up to Galloway forest, and camp in the woods for an evening before marching on to Loch Lomond to camp beside the lake. However, I got about 2 miles away from my home before I realised that my front brake wasn’t working. With it being 7 pm, no garage was open and I had to return home that night

wild-camping in Scotland

Riding through Glasgow

With me being behind schedule and effectively losing an entire day, I effectively decided to blast through as many motorway miles as I could stomach. However, it wasn’t long before things went from bad to worse

So the fun didn’t stop there. About 2 hours later, I finally hit the M8 via Glasgow. Now to give you some perspective on the sheer volume of traffic I got caught up in, it was Friday 7 pm on a bank holiday in the UK and the football was on. In fact, it took me a whole hour and a half minutes to get  30 miles through Glasgow. On the other side of Glasgow, I did eventually pull over for a coffee break and to check my hand

I was once again on the road and it wasn’t long before I eventually arrived at my first stop of the evening, Loch Lomond

wild-camping in Scotland

What is wild camping?

Camping without permission is known as wild camping, and it entails pitching a tent in the woods. Sleeping in your tent out in the wilderness is referred to as wild camping. You may be on a multi-day motorcycle ride and camp in a national park (while checking first if it is permissible), or you could enjoy a micro-adventure by sleeping in nature.

Wild camping can be frightening for first-timers, and it was for me as well. However, I was determined to do it.

Wild camping in Scotland

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is one of Scotland’s Most Beautiful Parks. It’s no surprise as to why it’s a popular wild camping spot. The park is tucked away in the middle of Scotland but feels like a completely different world away from civilization.

So after arriving at Loch Lomond, I promptly found a great place to camp and began to unload all my gear off my motorcycle. Once I had set up base, I decided that it was time to make food and explore the area a little bit more.

Once I had finished eating and cleaning up, one of the most magical things about camping is that you really have nothing to do other than well, just enjoy life. So that’s just what I did, I sat by the lake playing the Kalimba and watching the world go by.

Waking up the next morning

So the following morning, I woke up around 6 am and boy was it cold. I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag. I won’t lie, wild camping in Scotland is really cold! However, I eventually mustered the courage and got up and began to cook breakfast and make myself that much needed first cup of coffee. 

After I had rinsed my crockery out once more, I began to pack everything back onto the bike, ready to head further North to the Isle of Skye. However, that’s a tale for next week

As I left Loch Lomond and began to make my way up to the Isle of Skye, I was feeling incredibly excited about what lay before me. However, that’s a story for next week

Watch my Youtube Video below to see how I got on

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