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Trading Standards raid stalls at London Bike Show

11 retailers were discovered to have potentially dangerous riding gear at the London Motorcycle show. It was found that Some gear even went as far as to have fraudulent labels and even fake armour after a spot inspection by Newham Trading Standards.
The fraudulent products were quarantined or even confiscated due to a new crackdown on retailers selling unsafe and fraudulent projects. The spot inspection was intended to catch illegal manufacturers and retailer operations who are placing hundreds of bikers lives at risk of death.

Since April 21, 2018, ALL motorbike apparel sold in the United Kingdom and the European Union has been labelled personal protective equipment (PPE), which means that it must – by law – be tested and certified.

If a garment has yet to be tested, it will not receive the required certification label. As a result, it can not guarantee a biker‘s safety on the road and the garment is declared as ‘non-conforming’.

Products were confiscated

Attendees at the London Motorcycle Show observed that the City of Leather had half of its booth off-limits to quarantine non-compliant products. On the other side of the venue, it was reported that a member of Motus Bikewear was heard arguing with organizers after being told by Trading Standards officials that they couldn’t sell the uncertified gear on their stand. Another shop– Hunter Class – was found to have fake back protectors in its clothing, which were confiscated.

What are the consequences of fake motorcycle gear?

If you love riding bikes, you already know how vital it is to obtain quality protection from reputable manufacturers. When purchasing your gear, around 10% of worldwide trade are fraudulent products, making it easy to get snagged by a phoney product. Fake motorcycle gear endangers the biker community and puts riders at greater risk of harm. If you have an accident while riding a bike, the clothing and equipment worn on bikes might be the difference between walking away or being carried away.

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