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The UKs most dangerous road

Hardknott Pass was built by the Romans and is one of Britain’s most “outrageous” roads, with hairpin bends that are as broad as a bridleway.

I’d have driven straight into a frightening slope of the crumbling road, which rose up like a crashing wave in front of me if I’d gone too fast around the hairpin bend. Rainwater cascaded down the centre of the uneven roadway, looking like a mountain stream. I attempted to change gear but discovered that I was already in first before then, when a casual sheep sauntered out in front of me, forcing me to slam on the breaks.

Where is Hardknott Pass?

The most direct route from the heart of northern England’s Lake District to West Cumbria runs across the difficult and steep Hardknott Pass in the northwest Lake District. Outsiders are frequently advised to take hour-long detours away from its twisting, single-track slalom up a mountainside because it is so steep and difficult. By The Guardian, it was dubbed one of Britain’s “most dangerous roads,” and locals are full of tales about brake failures, drivers freezing with fear, and skids and misjudgements that cause automobiles to plunge off the narrow carriageway.

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