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Watch as police ram moped criminal off the streets

The new UK documentary has hit our screens called Snatch & Grab: Moped Gangs and airs on Monday at 10 pm.

The documentary follows operation Venice, the MET police’s Moped Crime task force who patrol East London

In the trailer, we watch as police officers Clem Jones and Alan Pearce, specialist t-pack drives who are on the lookout for moped criminals.

T-pack drivers can use a range of techniques to terminate the pursuit of moped criminals, including, using tactical contact to ram individuals off their vehicles.

The officers go on to explain that there’s a myth amongst moped criminals that police officers will not pursue them in the event of a crime taking place. Often it leads individuals to remove their helmets or drive onto the pavement in an attempt to outrun law enforcement.

The issue of moped gangs has become so widespread in London, that the Met has been forced to set up a tactical unit to combat the growing trends of moped gangs.

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