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Motorcycle touring around a full time job

Today I’m here to let you all in on all my insider secrets which are how to moto-tour with absolutely no money and no time. Now, this video will be practical advice on working and travelling.

What does Saffy Sprocket do for a job?

There’s a common misconception that YouTube is my full-time job – but I’m afraid that’s not right. I work a 9-5 office job in digital marketing. I also have about 50 million hobbies on the go at a single time, which means I’m perpetually juggling budgets to accommodate my trips.

So when it comes to mototouring, my priorities are always to travel for the most extended amount of time for the least amount of money possible- and 16 months in, I’ve devised a system that works well for me that I wanted to share with you guys.

How can I mototouring with a full-time job?

I’m going to break this video down into three different sections

  1. Organizing your time to travel
  2. Selecting the type of accommodation
  3. Using digital resources to find the cheapest accommodation

This advice is mainly aimed at office workers.

However, I will caveat this advice that a lot of this will mainly apply to office workers. Things get tricky if you work in the service industry, like retail or hospitality, or any shift-pattern job. I can also appreciate that many people have families or pets and so may require a little more coordination. However, I believe that you can still benefit from a lot of the advice I’m about to give.


Step 1 – How to select dates to travel when you have absolutely no time

So the critical step in this section is planning whatever national holidays are in your country and tying this in with your annual leave allowance.

In the UK, if you’re working a 9-5, it’s a legal requirement that employees are granted 28 days a year holiday allowance. Whilst the vast majority of people would automatically look at booking a couple of weel long, or even two holidays, I’m going to show you have to separate your leave allowance to get the maximum bang for your buck.

Now that we know that we have 28 days to play with, Google what your country’s national holidays are in January every year and work around them. For example, one of my favourite national holidays in the UK is the Easter bank holiday.

This means that there are four consecutive days off in a row, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. However, we will take two days of annual leave and apply it to either side of the bank holiday to extend the holiday block.

And Hey presto, suddenly you have six days off in a row, and it’s only cost you two days of annual leave. I then go ahead and run through every national holiday and apply the same process to maximize my time off.

Using bank holidays to mototour

Now in the UK, We have the April Bank holiday, The May Bank Holiday, the August Bank holiday, and of course, Christmas depending on whether you want to travel in winter conditions.

So after booking your dates off, you now have 4 x week-long holidays and have only used eight annual leave days – which means we now have another 20 days to play with throughout the year.

I’ll take 10 of these annual leave days and use them to book two weekdays off work. This means I have a solid 16 days in a row for a big trip.

For the remaining ten days, I then go on to select Mondays throughout the year so that I can take ten mini weekend trips.



Using flexible working for mototouring 

Depending on the place where you work, you may or may not have a flexible working setup. If you work in an office that permits flexible working, take full advantage of this and the weekend before your trip, and work additional hours before and after work to secure a half-day Friday. I like to do this before a journey, and it sets my brain on holiday mode, and I feel like I have a long weekend to relax.

This then extends your mini-trips by an additional half a day.

So, after all of that planning, what are we left with?

  1. Four x 6/ day trips
  2. One individual 16-day trip
  3. Several long weekend breaks

All within your legally required annual leave allowance. I can appreciate that this system varies depending on your country and your budget, but the principle remains the same. Find the national holidays, extend them, and divide the reaming holiday allowance into one long trip and several short trips.

Step 2 – Deciding on your accommodation type.

When it comes to deciding on your accommodation, it majorly comes down to personal preference. There are a few options you can consider in cost-effective order:

  1. Camping
  2. Couch Surfing
  3. Hostelling
  4. Sharing a hotel room
  5. Air BnB
  6. Hotels

Why camping is the best for mototouring 

With camping, there is an upfront investment cost. You need to spend money to save money. A tent, ground mat, and cooking abilities all cost money. However, you won’t be met with any additional payments once those costs have been paid out. I always recommend investing in camping equipment as a priority in this economy because if you are faced with any financial difficulties in the future, it’s easier to convince yourself to camp in a forest for free to refresh your brains vs spending £60 a night in a hotel.

Couch-surfing and hotels on a motorcycle

There are a few other free and low-cost options, like couch-surfing and hostelling. I’m not a fan of these because I like to unwind after a long day riding and do my own thing. However, if you enjoy meeting new people, certainly give it a try.

Using Air B&B and Hotels for Motorcycle touring

The high-cost options are Air B&B and Hotels. Now, these are inherently expensive and eat into your travelling budget. I only ever used Hotels when I physically cannot camp, like in winter when the temperatures are extremely low and a health risk. However, there are ways to find the cheapest hotels online, which I will show you in the next step.

Step 3 – Finding low-cost places to say

If you’re not planning to wild camp, and you’re interested in finding a low-cost campsite, or if you’re looking to find a low-cost hotel. Google travel is your best friend. Google travel has now integrated all your budget and money-saving hotel travel sites into one section.

When it comes to finding low-cost accommodation, if your main priority is budget, you need to be highly flexible on where you are planning to travel. I usually throw the dates in that I plan to travel to, zoom out to the entire UK, and reduce the budget as low as it can go.

That gives me an indication of the cheaper areas in the UK. Often you’ll find that more remote and obscure places tend to be more affordable. I usually opt to stay in places that may need a lick of paint and are often off the beaten track.

Since bikers like twisty obscure roads, usually, you find staying in these types of places is more fun anyway.

Watch my Youtube video below on Motorcycle Touring around a full-time job.

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