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Motorcycle Test Centres Across the UK Face Strikes

Across the United Kingdom, thousands of Motorcycle test centres are facing potentially crippling strikes after examiners decide to go on strike over pay. This is set to greatly disrupt tests that have been booked and conducted over the upcoming week. Bikers have stated that it has caused considerable hardship for those needing their motorcycle license to travel safely on the roads to and from work.

So as you can imagine, motorcyclists across the UK are now facing an uncertain future due to the planned strikes at the motorcycle test centres.  Overall these changes could lead to longer waiting times for tests, followed by potentially more expensive fees.  This is certainly putting strain on those who are already feeling the pinch of rising petrol prices.

What do we know? Well Motor-vehicle and motorcycle examination centres could be forced to close their doors this winter, as examiners are preparing to strike from December through January.

Date of strike action Areas affected
Tuesday 13 December to Sunday 18 December North-east England and Scotland
Monday 19 December to Saturday 24 December North-west England and Yorkshire and the Humber
Wednesday 28 December to Saturday 31 December, and Tuesday 3 January East of England, East Midlands and West Midlands
Wednesday 4 January to Tuesday 10 January London, south-east England, south-west England and Wales


This winter, testers of cars and motorcycles will encounter disruption as members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union are taking action to strike at DVSA test centres. The picketing is expected to last throughout the season.

At present, multiple components of UK infrastructure are on strike action due to the PCS Union’s protest against pay, pensions, jobs and redundancy terms. However, not all driving examiners will partake in the stoppage since only union members can take part. Therefore, it is essential for those who may be affected by potential stoppages to ascertain whether or not they have joined this influential organization.

Which car and motorcycle test certificates will be affected?

Beginning on Tuesday 13th December 2022, and lasting until Wednesday 4th January 2023, the strikes will be occurring in diverse parts of the country at varying times. These demonstrations will disrupt practical car and motorcycle assessments; lorry, bus, coach and minibus exams; tractor or specialized vehicle examinations; as well as the approved driving instructor (ADI) part 2 & 3 tests.

The Driver CPC Part 3a (off-road exercise) and the Driver CPC Part 4 (practical demonstration) tests are not impacted by this news. All theory exams will remain unchanged, while only practical assessments have been affected.


As talks continue between the DVSA and stakeholders about how best to proceed, motorcyclists across the UK face an uncertain future when it comes to getting their licences renewed or upgraded. While these changes could potentially make getting your licence easier and less expensive for some riders, it could also make it harder and more costly for others – especially those living in rural areas or Northern Ireland where access is limited or non-existent respectively. We can only hope that whatever decisions come out of these negotiations will benefit all motorcyclists regardless of their location or financial situation – but until then we just have to wait and see what happens next!

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