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Motorbiking From Amlwch to Penmon point

So it was the second day of my biking adventure in Angelsey and after a good night sleep in the hotel, I was ready for whatever the island was planning to throw at me. However, it wasn’t long until I was up to my old tricks and started to get lost.

Eventually, I decided to pull over and try to sort the satnav out – however, well something else caught my attention.

What is Amlwch?

Amlwch is a seaside settlement and community in Wales. It is located on the northern coast of the Isle of Anglesey, along the A5025, which connects it to Holyhead and Menai Bridge. Other Amlwch community settlements include Burwen, Porthllethog/Bull Bay, and Pentref.

The small fishing and tourist village of Llaneilian has a beach. The region is characterized by extensive coastal cliffs. Tourism is an important part of the local economy. It was formerly a prospering mining community that subsequently became the heart of a large worldwide copper ore trade.

The village of Peel Harbor was founded in 1846 as a natural haven for fishermen and their families when the port inlet became a busy seaport and major shipbuilding and repair site, as well as an embarkation point with boats sailing to the Isle of Man and Liverpool. The community has an area of about 18 square kilometres.

Enjoying the Irish Sea

After getting absolutely soaked from head to toe, I realised I had gone completely off-track and I should probably get back to what I came to Angelsey for.

Once filming was over, I decided to follow the coastal roads South, however, once again, I was defeated by my lack of direction.

Now that I had passed the same hotel that I did 3 hours ago. I decided it was probably best that I make up the time I lost to the ocean and head straight for Penmon Point. However, as the old saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Wales, just wait 15 minutes. I decided to head down to Penmon point despite the weather.

What is Penmon Point?

The most easterly point on Anglesey is Penmon Point or Black Point (Trwyn Du), which is also known locally as the Baron Hill Estate. The Baron Hill estate in Beaumaris currently owns the property, but it may be accessed for a small charge at Penmon Priory.

At the Dovecote, a little lane on the right-hand side goes towards one of the several quarries in this area. Many local constructions such as the Menai Suspension Bridge and Britannia Bridge were built using stone from Penmon Point’s quarries.

Penmon is derived from two Welsh words Pen meaning head and Mon being the welsh word for Anglesey

Penmon Point lighthouse – Trwyn Du

The Trwyn Du lighthouse at Penmon Point was erected to warn passing ships of the channel between Puffin Island and the Point. The waters known as Puffin Sound might be quite hazardous.

The weather became too much!

As I started to make my way down to Penmon Point, it quickly became apparent that the weather was not going to ease up. The second issue that I was facing was that with the rain becoming so heavy, I was unable to stop and film. I decided to take refuge in a nearby McDonalds and grab a cup of coffee.

After waiting for an hour, the seemed unlikely to clear up and it was at this point, that I realised, I was going to have to delay the final ending to my trip until mid-March!

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