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Kawasaki Unveils Robotic Goat, and we’re all a bit lost

When you think of Kawasaki, usually the first thing to spring to mind isn’t a giant robotic goat.

Why did Kawasaki create a robot that resembles a goat for humans to ride? You’re as lost as I am. Unless this machine has some incredibly unexpected skills, you won’t see it competing with your motorcycle any time soon.

Get your cowboy boots on

Sorry, Tesla enthusiasts. Electric vehicles are no longer the newest thing. Robo-goats are the new hot mode of transportation. Or at the very least, that’s what it looks like now that Japanese carmaker Kawasaki has introduced a rideable, robotic goat at the International Robot Exhibition.

The “Bex” goat was designed after wild ibex species and developed in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and was dubbed “Bex.”


Goat Rodeo

According to Kawasaki, the Bex is designed to transport people weighing up to 220 pounds and maybe operated via handlebars. The robot will be used in factories and warehouses, according to the manufacturer.

The goat was also one of Kawasaki’s Kaleido projects, which aims to develop frightening humanoid robots for presumably nefarious industrial purposes. That said, Bex is also part of a wider movement among firms seeking new methods to address severe labour shortages in the industry as a whole due to the pandemic.

Customisable Goat

According to the manufacturer, the robot can be outfitted with additional customizable upper bodies, implying it may very well be equipped with shipments-carrying attachments rather than a human-carrying saddle.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the goat head is optional.

Will RoboGoat compete with Zero and SuperSoco?

Following reports about several electric motorcycle prototypes from Kawasaki, this comes as no surprise. However, at this point, I suspect that other electric motorbike manufacturers like Zero and SuperSoco don’t have much to be concerned about yet in terms of high-performance rivalry.

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