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Is MotoGP about to experience an evolution in sponsorship, with the introduction of digital LED panels?

Seamless Digital has already embedded its digital sponsorship panels onto Formula One cars and may soon explore the world of MotoGP or motorcycle racing in general. Spectators of MotoGP races may soon be treated to a revolutionary experience, as patent drawings suggest the potential addition of LED advertising panels in the near future.

Seamless Digital is reportedly revolutionizing the world of motorcycle racing, particularly MotoGP, with its ground-breaking LED advertising screens.

Cycle World uncovered the technical development of Seamless Digital’s application of their LED screens to a MotoGP bike, along with the leathers worn by the rider. The work was showcased in patent drawings released by Cycle World.

Having already been used by McLaren’s MCL36 Formula One car during the 2022 US Grand Prix in Texas, these LED display panels allowed sponsors to rotate with ease. While it is still undecided if McClaren will keep this technology in 2023 and beyond, or whether other F1 teams will join in on the trend, one thing remains certain: there are countless possibilities when it comes to using LED screens within motorsport!

MotoGp Vs F1

However, it’s fair to say it may be some time before these changes come to the world of motorcycle racing. Applying aerodynamic advertising to cars is much less complicated than on motorcycles because the solid frame of a vehicle allows for simpler work in comparison to adapting and creating solutions for the ever-changing environment based on riding positioning. This becomes even more complex when factoring in the rider’s body itself.

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Utilizing screens for sponsorship placements could introduce an element of dynamism, consequently presenting more expansive sponsorship prospects to racing organizations. Nevertheless, creating displays that are light enough and simultaneously secure for racing suits is certainly an immense challenge.

Weight plays a huge role in LED advertising on bikes

An integral factor in the task of weight management lies within the type and quantity of batteries utilized for each screen, as they are not directly connected to a vehicle’s electrical systems.

To maintain the full mobility of the rider, the screens must be crafted to retain flexibility; additionally, their integration would need to remain secure in order for safety and structure not to suffer. Cycle World highlights how plastic covers sewn into leather could potentially provide that reassurance that these requirements are met.

Despite this, it is yet to be determined if sponsors will recognize the utility of space on either the bike or leathers that changes and thus cannot be secured. However, the potential of this technology is captivating and could certainly shake up the world of MotoGP in terms of sponsorship.


Would it devalue advertising?

The incorporation of screens has the potential to facilitate more sponsorship opportunities, although there is no promise that your brand name or logo will be displayed when the cameras rotate in the space which you have paid for.

In due course, we may see LED advertising panels become a staple part of motorcycle racing. Ultimately, it’ll be interesting to observe the evolution of digital advertising within MotoGP and what innovative solutions teams come up with to make this transition as smooth as possible.

As such, there is an expectation that new partnerships will form between organizations and sponsors alike as they both work together in exploring how far these technological advancements can go. It promises to be a fascinating journey!

The future of MotoGP racing looks set to become even more exciting with the introduction of LED screens – watch this space for updates.

In the meantime, why not check out BT Sports, home of the MotoGP?

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