I used to have a tyre that was good in the dry and excellent in the wet; an absolute requirement for those of us that choose to ride all year round. The problem is, no matter how good a tyre is, I still know it’s wet. I am very aware there’s less grip available and for this reason, I never really push it when it’s anything more than barely damp on the ground.

After recently getting a car (the practicality of four wheels has beckoned for some time), my bike is no longer a daily ride – so the choice of a more sporty tyre option becomes realistic, as hanging on in the endless drizzle is no longer an issue.

So whilst browsing reviews and making lots of comparisons, a tyre that kept coming up time and time again is Metzeler’s Sportec M7RR. There’s an unshakeable fan base for nearly all tyres but with this set, there does seem to be a very good general consensus about the performance and value aspect with solid 5* ratings and excellent personal reviews. So I thought to myself, this is possibly a tyre I can get along with.


So how did they do?

I’ve had them fitted for about 4 months now but the first few times I went out, the road conditions weren’t great and I did get caught out by the weather.  To my great pleasure, they were just as competent as the “wet tyres” in the wet, for my slightly tentative riding style on the soaked greasy roads. The reason for this is because of a mixture of high silica compounds in the tyre giving the tyre more grip, and its unique tread pattern design, allowing water to escape more efficiently.

Checking on the technical blurb offered by Metzeler, it’s clear that their expertise in racing rubber technology is trickling down to the average Joe, offering high spec racing competence for a very sensible price. Racing profile, water repulsion and durability are all worked into this carefully crafted package, with their renowned ‘Interact’ dual compound solution enabling the tyre to preserve the mid-portion, whilst allowing the edges to grip like a limpet.

This dismissed the fear I had of being caught in a downpour with sports tyres on, which was a relief, to say the least. So when I caught a break with the great British weather and was graced with a weekend that was accompanied by sunshine and dry roads, it was time to go test the tyres in much more pleasant conditions.

Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy with my last tyres, I’ve had a lot of fun with them – these bad boys are on another level!

Within an hour of hooning up in the twisties with a pal, my confidence grew with each turn. The traction control rarely intervened (although it’s always set to minimum in the dry, I’m used to seeing it flash on the exit of a corner). I know it’s a cliché thing to say but it was like riding a new bike – now that’s value for money. As for warm-up times, they seemed to warm up quicker than the engine, so no issues there then.

Final thoughts.

Safe to say I’m really impressed but it doesn’t end there though. I have used soft compound tyres before which have really impressed me, but it’s normally short-lived a few thousand miles and they’re ready for the bin. I’ve done close to 4k on these now, through a variety of weather conditions with a fair amount of spirited riding and they still look fairly new. This set did not disappoint and when it finally comes to getting the MT10 some new shoes, I’ll definitely be considering the same again.