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How to become a motovlogger

No motorcycle fanatic will ever be able to ride each and every model, take on each circuit, or travel through each breathtakingly beautiful region. Thankfully, there is a way for riders to get near these objectives, all thanks to the numerous motovloggers who broadcast their riding films on YouTube. What if, though, you wish to give motovlogging a try yourself?

In today’s post, we are going to talk about how you can become as savvy just as easily as the pros in motovlogging. Stay tuned and listen closely, it is all about getting the techniques right!

Motovlogging can keep you entertained for several hours, whether it’s to learn new skills, see how a specific model handles the road, or take in some gorgeous sights. While motovlogging is a fun route to take if you want to express your love of motorbikes, being a successful one requires a lot of work.

Before we dive into the technicalities of motovlogging, it is important that you know what being a motovlogging means. So, what is a motovlogger and what exactly is the art of motovlogging?

What is motovlogging?

Simply said, motovlogging is the practice of filming a motorcycle or oneself while riding, whereas a motovlog   a video that the biker records while on the road. The terms “motorbike,” “video,” and “log” were combined to create the phrase. A person who makes motovlogs is known as a motorvlogger, and making motovlogs itself is referred to as motorvlogging. The majority of motovloggers frequently upload their videos to YouTube to either share their love for the act, or to draw people who love motovlogging into doing the same thing.

Feels like something you would enjoy doing? You’ve reached the right place then if you’re a motorbike enthusiast who wants to launch a Motovlogging channel!

Different Types of Motovlogging

While there are no particular ‘types’ of motovlogging, but there surely is a purpose behind every motovlogger and the kind of risk these vloggers take by recording videos during motorbike rides. Some motovloggers are adrenaline junkies, and they want to vlog their adventures for the sole purpose of attracting the same kind of audience who loves to have thrill in their lives! While others are into motovlogging for the sake of having people experience their journeys with them, for the purpose of throwing out challenges for the target audience to try. There are also people who are motovloggers but their vlogs are more concerned with information purposes, or for motivational or educational purposes and they spread awareness among their audience regarding places, and other such topics.

Having a good time learning about motovlogging? We have told you all about it, but have you ever thought about the equipment required to become a pro motovlogger? What does one require? Take your time and think about this, but while you think, do subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to receive instant notification about all our future videos.

What equipment do you need for motovlogging?

Moto vlogging may have started with a 2007 YouTube user by the name of “M13.” You could see what was happening and hear what he was saying as he was riding in Taiwan thanks to a camera and microphone that were attached to his helmet. Since then, moto vlogging has been incredibly popular and there are numerous methods to accomplish it. However, expensive camera equipment won’t always make a video more captivating.

There are numerous techniques that can be used to effectively communicate stories, which is what matters. We have enlisted a few important equipment that will make your motovlogging experience fun, convenient and captivating!

Helmet Cameras

GoPro –

Action cameras of all varieties can be mounted on helmets. Action cameras were invented by GoPro, which is still considered to make one of the best. Their cameras stand out from the crowd, thanks to their image quality, functionality, and selection of accessories, although rivals are catching up quickly. Look at the GoPro Hero 7 Black and higher for highly stabilised footage. These have Hyper-Smooth, which offers footage a nearly Steadicam-like appearance. The disadvantage of the more recent models is the requirement of a big, pricey adaptor for an external microphone. For motorcycle vlogging, the GoPro Hero 4 is still a great camera. Both lack any kind of image stabilization, however they both can shoot in SuperView, which has a very wide field of vision and makes the camera’s apparent shake less obvious while still giving off an authentic off-road appearance.

It can be quite helpful to have a second camera. However, despite the fact that a fancy, large camera with interchangeable lenses might produce some fantastic video, it also consumes significant space on a motorcycle. Why not just use the extra camera that almost everyone carries with them, like the ones that are now included in new smartphones. Only the beginning of what these contemporary phones are capable of includes multiple focal-length cameras combined with high-resolution video. They are also quick to set up and simple to operate.

Even the best footage won’t matter if the audio is lousy. Given how noisy a motorcycle is, it can be difficult to hear well inside a helmet. Naturally, a voiceover can be overdubbed, but it’s frequently nicer to hear the rider’s actual voice. To help reduce wind noise, simply take the earphone components off and wrap the microphone inside some craft fur.



In addition to using a viewfinder, many point-and-shoot digital cameras and film cameras differ from single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs) in various ways. The image that the shooter sees and the image that is captured by the camera’s main lens are two different things. SLRs are basically the way to go forward when it comes to motovlogging!

Phone Camera

Depending on your budget and how much you are willing to invest into your motovlogging, you can also use your phone camera as a means of recording your vlog. Today’s smartphones can record video. While some cameras are capable of producing 4K video of acceptable quality, YouTube still prefers 1080p. Smartphones are incredibly handy and portable though, which makes them great for “roving reporter” apps and travel.


With a tripod, you can get higher and lower angles that are challenging to get with a hand-held. Having a tripod that can be swiftly rotated from 0 degrees to 180 degrees and is set up at a center column makes the process easier. If you prefer a certain perspective, your camera can be pointed directly down or at a 90-degree angle too!

Spare Batteries

To continue recording the moments, events, and sights as they happen, a charged battery is required. It is impractical to stop during a tour, walk, or ongoing event to recharge the camera battery. To keep vlogging, you’ll need a second or third completely charged battery. Normally, a charged battery removed from the camera can maintain its full charge for several days or more. This will enable you to be prepared to catch the moment at any time.



Lapel Mics

Small clips are typically included with them so that they can be fastened to collars, ties, or other items of clothing. The line can be routed straight to the mixer or recording equipment, or it can be covered by clothing and run to a radio frequency transmitter placed in a pocket or fastened to a belt while you are driving. These tiny microphones are frequently offered with a selection of push-on grills in a range of lengths that create a resonant chamber to gently amplify high frequencies. When installed on the chest, a peak of around 6 dB at 6-8 kHz is thought to be advantageous for making up for clarity loss, as is a peak of a few decibels at 10-15 kHz when mounted in the hair above the forehead.

Desk Mics

Since the majority of contemporary computers use USB connections, the majority of computer desktop microphone units connect to the computer using this protocol. There will typically be power or mute button on the microphone so the user can speak to persons nearby without using the microphone to address the entire room. While they are the most ancient and trusted means of mics, they are not too reliable in today’s fast-forward age.

GoPro Mics

Built-in mics are standard on every GoPro. The sound quality of the inbuilt mics isn’t fantastic, but they work well enough for casual use. This is especially true of the most recent models with the built-in waterproof case. Therefore, employing an external microphone will yield far better results if audio is crucial to the video footage you are filming. Whether you’re using your GoPro to create casual movies or vlog professionally, adding an extra microphone is the best thing you can do to make your GoPro films sound better.


Using a nice camera to record YouTube videos is fantastic. However, using a drone is a terrific way to give your videos added depth. Drones provide the spectator with a ton of value, and the footage is amazing. Additionally, it offers the spectator an entirely distinct viewpoint through a camera on things you might never be able to see otherwise.


The variety of choices you have when it comes to the best camera sliders will amaze you.

Which one will work for you and meet your expectations, is the true challenge? Everything is based on how you want to employ angles. Camera sliders are primarily used for capturing action sequences, vlogging, and films. You can take fluid tracking pictures by moving the smartphone in both portrait and landscape modes.

Camera sliders are better for dynamic photographs since they help you play about with the angles and create more captivating images.



Lighting can make or break a video, so if you’re a vlogger seeking to grow your audience, it’s important to maintain it constant and professional-looking. You might believe that your vlog lighting setup must cost a small lot, but in reality, you can complete an amazing job for a very low price. The short answer to the question “do I really need dedicated lighting for vlogging?” is “no.” There is no reason why you can’t use the lighting you already have in your home to illuminate a vlogging setup. Using a combination of table lamps, regular lamps, and fairy lights will help you achieve the homespun or adorable atmosphere you’re going for. The best option is definitely a ring light if you only have money to spend on one light for your vlogging setup.


You can modify your YouTube video backdrop in a variety of ways to get more likes and followers. Choose a simple or solid-colored backdrop if you want the viewer to concentrate solely on the person speaking in the video and not be distracted by anything distracting in the background of your YouTube video. If you want a background for your video that is both affordable and easily replaceable when you want to switch things up, you can also always utilize a paper backdrop. Most art supply stores carry rolls of craft paper.

However, most individuals find that a paper backdrop with a grey or dark blue background is most attractive.


Computer processors can now handle the most demanding tasks thanks to technological advancements. Multitasking and high-end HD video editing are now both simple and effective. The advancements in processor chip technology are to credit for this. In order to ensure that their concepts and designs are replicated, video editors heavily rely on the processing power of their system. Because more cores equate to faster video editing performance, choosing the right CPU is essential. High-end CPUs with more cores and faster speeds are needed to encode and produce the video effects in your motovlogs. The AMD integrated graphics are more than capable of handling special effects, which is no surprise as it’s powered by AMD.


The chances are you’re going to be wondering what kind of machine you should buy to handle your newfound hobby? AMD has a variety of CPUs to fit users’ needs, however, you ideally will be wanting something with a Ryzen 7 or Ryzen 9 to ensure that the machine is powerful enough. The Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 models are still great CPU’s but are aimed more at general use. This means rendering and multitasking might take longer, this is something you want to consider when purchasing a new computer.

Without a question, AMD produces the best processors on the market for video editing. This laptop is kitted out with the Ryzen 7 5800H which has 8 cores and 16 threads. This enables me to multitask while video editing, allowing me to do more at once.  It’s no surprise why competitors’ processors are now fully obsoleted by AMD’s new line of processors. This is taking place because, in comparison to competitors’ next-generation processors, AMD offers a substantial number of cores with a relatively high boost clock at an affordable price. AMD is back to leading the CPU market, making them an obvious choice for any new budding moto vloggers


That’s it for today, guys; I hope you found this video entertaining. Please remember to subscribe to our channel and click the bell button to receive notifications of all of our upcoming videos. Do, however, let us know in the comments below about your motovlogging adventures! We’ll see you all again soon with another instructive yet fun video!


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