Correction and Retraction Policy

I do my very best to make sure that every article I publish is free of errors. However, if you have identified an error in one of our publications, please review the guidance below. If, after reading the guidance, you believe a correction is necessary.


An erratum refers to a correction of errors introduced to the text by the publisher and is
issued after publication of the book or journal article. An erratum should be published in the case of a serious mistake, a factual error, or an omission that may cause a misunderstanding of the text by the reader. An erratum is not for adding extra material to an article. The following are examples of relevant errors:

  • A figure wasn’t explained properly
  • incorrect results were included in a table
  • an author is inadvertently missed out

For an example of what an erratum looks like in the Virtual Library visit (books)
And (journal

Before requesting an erratum:

  • Please check with the author(s) of chapters in edited books before reporting the error
    to your production editor. This helps to avoid misunderstandings later.
  • Authors should be consulted on the wording for the correction.