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The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660: The Review

Hey everyone, my name is Saffy Sprocket and welcome back to another weekly blog. Today we’re going to take a look at the new Triumph Tiger Sport 660.

When you think of Triumph motorcycles, adventurer sportbikes aren’t usually the first thing that springs to mind. However, with its smooth handling, and class-leading technology, the Tiger Sport 660 is not a bike that should be missed. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the feature of the bike.

Key Features

The motorcycle features:

  • Riding modes (rain/road)
  • Switchable traction control
  • Non-switchable anti-lock brakes
  • Hybrid LCD/TFT instrument pod
  • Full LED lighting
  • Remote preload adjustment for the rear shocks
  • Optional quickshifter and autoblipper
  • A2 Licence restrictor kit
  • LAMS Restricted (39 kW) model for Australia / New Zealand market
  • Adjustable windshield

An optional Bluetooth connectivity system is available, which allows mobile phone connection, navigation, music control, and GoPro control. This system is driven by the My Triumph app and is available for both Android and Apple iOS.

Watch my full video review here

Quick overview of the Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The Tiger Sport 660 is a brand new model and a new category for Triumph, but first, look at some quick tech specs.

  • We have a 660 cc inline-triple engine, liquid-cooled 12 valves versatile engine producing 80 Horsepower @ 10,250rpm and 547 pound-foot of torque at 6250RPM.
  • Upfront, we have Nissin twin pot sliding callipers and Showa forks. 
  • and Showa RSU mono-shock at the rear with hydraulic preload adjustment so you can adjust the bike if you intend to put luggage on the bike or even take a pillion with you on the fly
  • ABS at the front and the rear are standard.
  • LED lights, snazzy self-cancelling indicators.
  • and, of course, a TFT display screen at the bar

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 specs

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Specs List

Type Liquid-cooled parallel triple, DOHC
CC 660 cc
Valves per cylinder 4
Compression ratio. 10,1:1
Carburation electronic injection
Clutch wet multi-plate,
Transmission 6 gears
Final drive chain
Max Power 59,6kW (81 pk) @ 10.250 rpm
Max Torque 64 Nm @ 6.250 tpm
Engine 2 riding modes
Riding traction control, ABS
Frame steel perimeter frame
Fork 41 mm Showa upsd fork, not adjustable
Shock Showa Monoshock hydraulically adjustable spring rate
Travel 150 mm (front and rear)
Front brake Double 310mm discs with radially-mounted two-piston callipers
Rear brake 251 mm disc with single-piston calliper
Tyres 120/70-17, 180/55-17
Wheelbase 1.418 mm
Steering head angle 23,1°
Rake 97,1 mm
Seat height 835 mm
Weight 206 kg
Fuel 17,2 litre
UK From £8,450.00

How does the Tiger 660 Sport sound?

When I started this bike in the garage, I’ll be honest, I was a bit taken back by the rumble. It’s significantly different to the bike I have at home, but it is an incredible sound. 

The tiger is not a noisy bike; instead, it’s a pretty low-down rumble. Almost as if someone has taken an exhaust, turned the bass up and turned down the treble.

I really love the sound of the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 because it’s not an insanely loud exhaust. I’ve said this before, I have zero interest in a noisy bike. My own motorcycle back home doesn’t have an aftermarket exhaust, and if I were to put one on, it would be down to appearances only. 

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 was spot on. It hit all those musical notes without the deafening constant grinding noise. The last thing I want to do is rock up to a hotel after a long day of riding and sit with a migraine for the rest of the evening.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Is the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 an intimidating bike?

My experience up to this point with Middleweight Adventure bikes has been, well, dropping them on the ground. So I’ll level with you when Triumph was dropping this bike off at my house, as I watched them unload the Tiger, my mind immediately went, “oh no“.

I’m a new rider, and as a new rider, I’m sure many of you can relate; tall bikes can often feel intimidating. So my first impression was, “this bike is too tall for me“, and panic set in. I was genuinely worried that I would bin it in front of the Triumph employees, but as soon as I got on the bike, I was genuinely pleasantly surprised. 

Once you’re over the initial anxiety of riding a bigger bike, you quickly realise that it’s no different to any other machine. The bike itself is exceptionally forgiving and fantastic for beginner riders looking to get into touring.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Height and ergonomics of the Triumph Tiger Sport 660

What kind of posture is the Tiger 660?

The Tiger has been altered to offer a more comfortable posture than the Trident 660. The handlebar is also 40mm wider; the footpegs moved forward slightly. Noticeably, again when comparing it to the Trident 660, the rear seat height has gone up by 30mm for the Tiger 660, and it currently has an 835-millimetre seat height. 

How comfortable is the Tiger 660?

The seat is surprisingly comfortable, relatively narrow for the size of the bike, which I love. I’ve ridden a few bikes where I’ve found the edge of the seat dig into my thighs. The seat itself is also extremely comfy, and it’s pretty squishy. The fact that it’s considerably narrower than the bike itself means that it’s one of the more female-friendly motorcycles on the market.

What is the height of the Tiger 660?

The height of the Triumph Tiger 660 is 1398 mm. As a rider, I’m 5ft7, or 170cm for all your readers out there, When I’m sitting on the bike itself, I’m on my tippy toes, and there’s no way I can flat foot it unless I whip out the platform goth boots.

What is the Seating position of the Tiger 660?

So let’s talk about the seating position. It’s a relatively neutral position, and one thing I did notice was that there was actually a lot less pressure on my wrists than on most bikes, so it’s certainly something I could see myself touring around extended distances. The only thing I found annoying is that you can very much tell that the clutch and brakes were not designed with effeminate hands. That would 100% be the first thing I’d replace if I owned this bike.

When I’m stopping at traffic lights, I’ve found that I’m often picking a dominant leg to balance the bike’s weight. However, after about 15 minutes on the road, I wasn’t consciously thinking about it. However, it is worth noting that it did feel unusual at first. If you’re shorter than me, you will undoubtedly need a dash of confidence when riding this bike.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The Underpinnings and Dimensions of the Triumph Tiger

What is the suspension like on the Tiger 660?

So this is a bike built for adventure; again, compared to the Trident, the Tiger gets a 30mm more extended suspension travel at the front and 16.5mm at the rear. The bike even comes with a remote preload adjuster.

How long is the swingarm on the Tiger 660?

The swingarm on the bike has been lengthened to give the bike better weight management, a necessary step considering its 17kg heavier than the Trident. In addition to this, the wheelbase has increased by 17mm, measuring 1418mm. As for the fuel tank capacity, this chunky monkey holds 17.2 litres.

Is the Tiger 660 a good bike for riding in bad weather?

You’re really well protected from the elements between the fairings and the adjustable wind protection. Well, as protected as you can be on a motorcycle. The exciting thing about this windshield is that it’s fully adjustable with one hand, depending on your height. I had the windscreen set to a middle position which suited me just fine.

So all good things must come to an end, and the tank soon ran dry. Which was the perfect opportunity for me to find out how much a full tank is.

Is the Tiger 660 a good bike for beginner riders?

Absolutely Yes. The Tiger 660 is the perfect bike for newer riders and novice adventure riders. It’s incredibly user-friendly and equal parts thrill and chill. The linear powerband means it’s hugely novice rider-friendly, which is my luck because I am a new rider, but I’m technologically illiterate, so I’m super grateful for this bike’s user-friendly.

We have the triple 660cc inline triple making 80 horsepower at 10 250 rpm and 64-newton meters of torque. I’m told it has quite a flat torque curve, and it certainly feels as if the machine has a great deal of grunt to it. 

What’s really great about this bike is that if you skip a beat and forget to gear down, it’s not going to be the end of the world with so much readily available torque at your fingertips.

Now I’m sure plenty of crazy riders on the internet has pushed this bike to the absolute limit; unfortunately for you guys, I’m just not that kind of rider. To be honest, I don’t think it really matters here.

If you want to read more motorcycle reviews, why not check out the rest of the Saffy Sprocket Blog.

Check out my full video below on the 2022 Triumph Tiger 660 sport.



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